Client interest comes first. That's customer service.

“My name is Sally Kupp, and Iʼm from Vancouver, British Columbia.

I am a registered nurse working as a clinical educator on the overdose emergency response, and I work with many challenges in a constantly changing environment on the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver. I had felt powerless and burnt out responding to problems around addictions and supporting clients and patients at the cost of my own health.

After coaching with Jessica I learned to communicate the bigger picture of what I am committed to for the clients I work with, as well as share with others the powerful work I am doing around empowering clients and staff on the front-line of health care in Vancouver. Now I am present to my leadership in health care and I am able to help others see and work in their strengths.”


1-1 High Performance-Coaching

- Sally Kupp

“As a woman going through a trauma in my relationship, I was so grateful to participate in your session, in which the love in the room was palpable.  It was exactly what I needed – to see and hear from strong women such as yourself in order to access my inner strength and follow your example. Thank you so much.”

Good Mother Wild Lover Event

- Susan B.

“The sex talk you have been waiting for – the “sex talk” that isn’t flimsy or flaky. Its real.”

The Sensational Sex Seminar

- Lily Y.

I attended the Amrita Workshop on a July 9, 2017 with Jessica Li and I am humbled to report that it was truly a sensational afternoon. I won’t give away all her secrets, but the exercises and activities from the workshop really helped me get back in tune with my inner goddess.

As the day unfolded, I realized how out of tune I was with myself and womanhood. Our lives are so busy and we forget to find time for yourselves. Jessica showed us many breathing exercises and daily routines that easily fit into your day, and she really showed us how to get back in tune with ourselves and our partner.

I discovered my inner warrior and bad ass bitch side in this workshop!! Jessica creates a safe space where you can be fully expressed and free.”

Amrita Workshop

-Shannon L.

“An understanding of how important it is to address my needs and desires and to be able to translate those feelings to my partner so that we can both explore and experience the love and pleasure it will bring is what is at stake to get us through the next 25 years.  After a night participating in the Good Mother, Wild Lover Event I feel better equipped and more confident than ever!  Thank You!”
Good Mother, Wild Lover Event
- Laura B.

“I came into the workshop wanting to connect and with my feminine essence, energy and bond with other women. The environment Jessica created was safe, inviting and warm, allowing for honest and candid conversations. I was able to relax and absorb the materials and content easily. It was fun, playful and insightful. 
After the workshop, I left with a feeling of calmness and connectedness to myself and with others. I felt empowered, strong and free. My biggest takeaway from the workshop is to be more open and speak my truth always.
I am so grateful to have met other extraordinary women at the workshop, we went on a special journey together built on trust and vulnerability. The work Jessica does with women and for women is so important, her workshops allow for self refection, self improvement, self love and feminine strength and support. Jessica is lovely to work with and I look forward to her next workshop.”
Amrita Workshop
-Samia S.

“You are an inspiration. I would be honoured to have someone like you as a role model to my daughters. Love you.”

- Peter P.

“I attended Jessica’s last workshop and it was so simple and yet sooo powerful”-

Sacred Feminine Unleashed Workshop Toronto

- Keidi P.

“She is the embodiment of what it is to be an elite high-performance coach. Jess, you deserve the world and the world deserves you. Thank you for being who you are destined to be.”

1-1 High-Performance Coaching

- Nicholas D.

“Jessica and her team did an amazing job of making me feel safe and comfortable.  I met some incredible women and had so much fun!  Hello, Me, glad to see you again!”

Good Mother, Wild Lover Event

- Heather J.

The night was wonderful… Some many elements and various segments to tempt our senses.   Every women left with their heart full and we all thought to ourselves I am Sexy! “


Good Mother, Wild Lover Event

- Julia B.

“The most connected moment I could ever have in my life was with my partner, the evening of your seminar.”

The Sensational Sex Seminar

- Lyndsay H.

“After 15 years of marriage and 17 years of exclusive sexual relations your seminar was just what we needed to spruce it up in the bedroom!!  Your playful openness and transparency was refreshing and created the space for us as a couple to put our cards on the table and open up channels of communication. Great sex is extremely important to keep a relationship strong especially a long term one and I think many couples that have been together a long time forget this. Thanks so much for all our new tips and assistance in renewing the sexual spark between us!!”

The Sensational Sex Seminar

- Karen J.