Mother of 3

Gang-Raped at 17

Left Abusive Marriage at 27

Single Mom for 5.5 Years

Best-Selling Author

Inspirational Speaker

Mentor, Coach, Trainer


Jessica Louise Li

After her experience with gang-rape and domestic abuse, Jessica Louise Li found her voice again. She strived for freedom and knew she could create a life she loved, and on her own terms.
Jessica healed her emotional wounds and now helps couples restore and revive their intimacy. She is the creator of Good Mother, Wild Lover, empowering mothers to live a life of sexual expression, vitality and joy. She is also the brave creator of Fearless Female Fellatio, teaching mature women how to master the ancient art of sacred, healing oral sex.
Jessica has a deep passion for helping other women live a powerful life of joy through her mentorship and workshops.
She is an international best-selling author and has been featured in media such as Cosmopolitan, CNN, NBC, RogersTV and The Wall Street Select. Jessica has spoken in front of various audiences, including government organizations about domestic violence awareness and the resilience of the human spirit.
 A former raw food chef and personal trainer, Jessica loves spending time with her three children, dancing ‘Zouk’, creating healthy meals and hitting the gym.